R&D, Digitalization and Innovation

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What is Lean 6 Sigma?

Lean 6 Sigma is an administrative application which ensures improvement through questioning the whole business processes from manufacturing to distribution and consumption. Its target is to cancel out the margin of error, increase efficiency, achieve excellence in all the business processes and increase the customer satisfaction continuously. Lean 6 Sigma methodology does not only detect and correct the errors; it is also based on re-structuring the business process in a manner that prevents errors. 

In 1984, Motorola was the first to apply Lean 6 Sigma, which represents “ZERO ERROR”. Therefore, it suggests the elimination of the conditions that may lead to error and a system to arrange the business processes from the beginning in such a way that errors are prevented. Lean 6 Sigma shows that a minor decrease in the margin of error has a great effect on the customer satisfaction. 

As Borusan Group, we have adopted and started to implement Lean 6 Sigma as a part of the corporate structure in 2002. With Lean 6 Sigma, we have achieved an innovative, fast, productive corporate culture aiming at the best. 

Lean 6 Sigma operations are carried out by the Black Belts who work full time, are specialized in this application, audit the projects and provide training; Master Green Belts who participate in the projects on a part-time basis, and Borusan employees from all levels.

Lean 6 Sigma at Borusan

Lean 6 Sigma is a modern business methodology which is applied by large companies around the world and aims at canceling out the errors in the business and manufacturing processes and continuously increasing the productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. 

Thanks to Lean 6 Sigma methodology, which constitutes an important pillar of the strategic management model of Borusan, Borusan Companies experience both an increase in financial growth and profitability and a cultural transformation.