Today is March 8, International Women’s Day! Women’s economic, political and social struggle for more than a century is in the language of all of us. Our eyes, our minds are inspired by messages that inspire, give strength and raise awareness. But for years, resolving, deeply rooted, internalized problems, determination, and every time we awaken, we want a tough struggle.

We try to empower women and gender equality as much as we can, as our language turns, and as much as we can. In our blog, we frequently try to publish interesting articles on women’s empowerment, gender equality, diversity and inclusiveness and draw attention to these issues. To date, we have prepared a selection of articles on women’s issues. We have created a blend of different perspectives and stories written by women on the women’s issue. In this selection, you will read the call of two executive women, the struggle of working women to cope with social prejudices, to stand on their own feet, and to fight the insomnia of an office worker who has just met motherhood.